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Our mission is to use music as a positive tool to sculpt the next generation of musicians. By impacting young musicians’ lives through home-music lessons and exciting performance opportunities you will help shape young musicians creativity, confidence and connection to the arts. Musicians Mobile will help support you in this rewarding journey and career path.
Our in-home music instructors are responsible for teaching and developing the talents of primarily young students from ages 5-18.

Highlights Include:

  • Leading students with your own teaching style
  • Collaborating and connecting at exciting performance events
  • Designing your own schedule
  • Being a part of a friendly and talented team of pro musicians
  • Traveling to students homes (mileage paid)
  • Seeing your positive impact on entire families
  • Helping our team grow with your valued ideas
  • Competitive pay that covers travel time, lesson preparation, and home-music lessons
  • Employee benefits and career path opportunities

Performance Objectives

You will foster the growth of aspiring students by:

  • Applying your unique teaching approach to lead our students on a personalized musical journey that starts with music fundamentals and the songs that they crave.
  • Creating a caring home-music-lesson atmosphere that blends fun, creativity and musical growth
  • Preparing exciting student goals and plans that highlight their genre/artist preferences (many love current rock & pop).
  • Showcasing your adaptability while tailoring your approach to each students’ unique personalities and needs.
  • Inspiring your students to courageously take the stage at 2 of our shows per year.


Our teachers travel to the students’ homes typically between the hours of 3-9pm on weekdays.

Ideal Candidates Are:

  • Fantastic at connecting with youngsters
  • Adept at learning current top 40 music
  • Display college-level musical proficiency
  • Customer service focused and display a positive attitude
  • Highly organized
  • Excellent communicators
  • Skilled and safe drivers

Send your resume (as follows) to {careers at musiciansmobile dot com}:
Instrument – First & Last Name (ex. Piano – Mike Smith)