Musicians Mobile

Student of The Month For May is Mia!

Mia is chosen as Musicians Mobile’s student of the month for her confidence and willingness to give her all on stage. After our last two shows, Mia really stands out as a courageous and exciting performer on the rise. Interview with Mia: How do you prepare to take the stage with such confidence? I know … Read more

Winston selected Student Of The Month- April 2018

Winston was chosen as our music student of the month for April because of his consistent practice habits and his continual growth with the guitar. The Interview 1. How old are you and how long have you been playing the guitar? I am 8 years old. I have been taking lessons for almost two years. … Read more

Dream Big!

“Dream Big’ is our 13 year old daughter, Shyna’s, first single, written and sung by her! Shyna started playing the electric guitar when she was 5 years with Nate Mueller and Musicians Mobile. Shyna and Nate worked together to make this song a reality! It was an amazing experience, as Shyna was mesmerized with the … Read more

The 2014 Rock Band Has Been Promoted!

In the past nine years, we have watched our shows grow from being basic student performances, to mega-collaborative events.

With the increase in student accomplishments, we decided that it was time to “promote” our rock band show from its restaurant and community center beginnings to…
(Drum roll, please!)….

The Tabard Theatre on San Pedro Square!