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Student Of The Month November 2019-Anna

Musicians Mobile has chosen Anna as our “Student of The Month” for November. Her instructor Stephen has seen her consistently showcase an eagerness to learn new things on the guitar and has grown considerably more confident in performing at our shows. Learn how she finds time to practice.

Sam- Student of the Month August 2019

Sam Yang is our student of the month for his growth as a musician, songwriter, and performer. He is an excellent example of what you can accomplish when you consistently practice and stretch your comfort zone as a musician. This video features his original song, “Dear Friend.” We wish Sam the best in his journey … Read more

Katarina-Student of the Month May 2019

Katarina has been taking piano lessons with Musicians Mobile for many years now. We are excited to see her graduate high school and take the next steps in her journey. It has been our honor to see her develop as a musician and share the stage with her at our concerts. Congrats Katarina! We wish … Read more

Arya-Student of The Month For June 2019

At Musicians Mobile we have been showcasing students who have been playing for many years.  However, we do have many students who are in the beginning stages of their journey, so it might be a leap for them to relate to the more advanced students.  For this reason, we chose an up-and-coming “Student of the Month” for June who is off to an excellent start.

Arya was chosen as Musicians Mobile “Student of the Month” for his consistent practice and passion for playing the guitar.  As a beginning student with his focused effort, he is setting himself up for an exciting musical journey.   He is a positive example for new students of how with the right attitude, the challenge of playing an instrument can be quite enjoyable.

Owen is “Student of the Month” April 2019

Owen has been chosen as Musicians Mobile “Student of the Month” for reaching an intermediate level of guitar playing after a lot of hard work. He has recently been working a lot on learning his CAGED scales/arpeggios and applying them to his improv; he consistently has a positive attitude toward developing his guitar playing and … Read more

What style of drums do you want to learn?

After our recital a few weeks back, our instructor Andrew was put to the test. Any style of music that I called out, he was able to play instantly. Andrew was a good sport and was quick on his toes. His students also did an excellent job of performing at our Drum Showcase. What style … Read more

Rock Band 2019!

Musicians Mobile presents Rock Band 2019! We have been hosting our annual Rock Band event for over a decade now. We have seen countless students gain confidence when they take the big stage and hear their guitar, drums, keyboards, and vocals shaking through the stage in front of a live cheering audience of family and friends. Our Rock Band 2019 is just around the corner in May. Talk to your teacher about how to prepare for this event and get ready to rock!!  Musicians Mobile students from Saratoga, Cupertino, San Jose, and Los Gatos are welcome to be a part of this event which is a great supplement to their home music lessons.

New Music Alert from our Instructor Eric!

Check out this new rocker from our guitar instructor Eric! His band Story Makers are releasing music constantly and playing at live venues in the Bay Area. I really admire Eric’s productivity. It seems like he is releasing an album or two a year. His students appreciate his patient and friendly approach to teaching and … Read more