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How could my family save 4-8 hours a month with Musicians Mobile?

The time and expense that a parent must face when driving a child to a lesson at a music studio are easily demonstrated by a simple example. If a parent drives 30 minutes round-trip in addition to waiting 30-60 minutes for one lesson at a music studio, the parent will spend 1-2 hours and will incur gas and car expenses for each lesson.

In addition, the round trip wastes the student’s time, which the student could use far more constructively studying or on a school project.

Combined, a single lesson at a music studio costs the parent and student at least 1.5 hours per week.

Let’s consider the math in the long term:
1.5 hours conservative average per week x 4 lessons a month=6 hours lost per month
6 hours a month x 10 months* a year=60 hours a year      *2 months subtracted for vacations, missed lessons and breaks that occur during a calendar year

Isn’t your time too valuable to waste?

Does it make sense to find a way to save this time?

Does it make sense to avoid the headaches, the road rage, loading kids into the car, battling for limited parking spaces, drivers cutting you off and traffic jams?

How about saving your mental energy?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have additional after-school and work time to do other more important activities, such as eating at home as a family, spending more time for school and studies or simply rejuvenating from the frantic pace of the Silicon Valley?

If you have to drive more than one child to music studios, these issues multiply accordingly.

For all of these reasons, as a parent, you appreciate the opportunity to have an excellent music teacher come to teach your child in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Each of our teachers takes on these burdens of travel to provide this important service. The burden becomes even more significant for a shorter half hour lesson. Each visit can require up to an hour and a half of the teacher’s time. Consider:

-Driving time of 15-20 minutes to get to each client’s home, some as high as 30 minutes.

-Each teacher must learn new songs and prepare material for instruction tailored to each student.

-Scheduling accommodations require client communication through emails and phone calls to provide make-up lessons.

+ Mileage reimbursement.

Our teachers are hourly employees.  They are employees so that Musicians Mobile and our clients can gain the benefits of a personalized and more accountable relationship with their teacher, but the hours stack up quickly.

Musicians Mobile has helped hundreds of South Bay Area families save vast amounts of time by providing background-checked teaching professionals, who connect and build confidence through convenient home music lessons and enriching performance opportunities.

To learn more visit Musicians Mobile.

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