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How Music Lessons Refine Children’s Discipline

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We live in times when our kids are growing up with smartphones in their hands. 


Technology is the ultimate dopamine injection. This is because regardless of how you participate in the online world, you are being rewarded right away whether it be with likes, views, comments or tags. Growing up in a world where your actions have immediate results can sometimes lead to little or no patience in kids these days. 

Practice And Music Lessons Make Children More Patient

Music lessons can help children extremely well with patience and most of all – better discipline. Playing an instrument is not an activity that gratifies kids immediately with a positive result. In many cases, they will be practicing for days or even for months until they hear the fruits of their labor. For example, learning a violin posture, memorizing a piece, mastering a guitar technique or learning the notes can take months of practice. 


Practicing and striving for perfection refines kids’ discipline by teaching them a valuable lesson – meaningful progress can take time. When starting with music lessons, children aren’t proficient right ahead. But they do their best to get the hang of the instrument they’re learning to play. This teaches them how to concentrate and make every effort for a better result. 


In life, concentration and patience are a great virtue and it takes an exceptional discipline to be able to apply these qualities to any challenging situation. That’s how music lessons benefit children in their upbringing and their future.


How Young Age Benefits Results In Music Lessons

little girl learning how to play the piano during music lessons
Article photos by Mary Okner of Mary Bea Photography


Furthermore, at a younger age, people are incredible fast-learners. In many cases learning to play an instrument at an early age is considerably easier because it doesn’t frustrate children as much as learning to play an instrument when they’re already adults.


“Young students “thicken their skin” by overcoming the mini-failures of missing notes and successfully correcting themselves. The vital lesson that confidence is built through focused practice can be applied to any path students choose in their life,”

This is what Nate Mueller, Director of Musicians Mobile, says.


Also, according to Paul T. Sowden, a professor of psychology at the University of Winchester in England, art lessons help children master complex skills as they grow older. He also says that music lessons encourage children to approach their work in a more systematic and disciplined way. 


Music Lessons Teach Children To Respect Others

Another way music lessons refine children’s discipline is by teaching them respect. 


When they play or sing with a group of people kids learn to respect each other’s musical voices. Sometimes they need to play softer to support the group. And other times they will play louder and step into the spotlight with a solo. 


Taking others into consideration with each note teaches children a great deal of respect for others.


To Sum Up 

Through music lessons, young students can learn how to be patient in the pursuit of a meaningful goal. The result often is a child that knows how to control his temper and is respectful to others. If you are under any consideration about whether to sign up your kids for music lessons, we encourage you to give it a try.  


Here at Musician’s Mobile, we are familiar with all the benefits music lessons have on children. That’s why we happily share our expertise. We offer children and their parents a valuable experience with in-home music lessons in San Jose and surrounding areas. 

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