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Saratoga Students Come Together in Rock Solid Confidence

Local students joined a seminar to learn about and strengthen collaboration and teamwork

The Joan Pisani Community Center rocked this summer as Saratoga students filled it to learn about collaboration and teamwork with the ultimate goal of putting together a rock band during a workshop entitled, “Rock Solid Confidence.”

Thanks to Musicians Mobile, local students had the opportunity to learn about themselves with a customized personality survey. Then, they were able to put the strengths of each individual to the test as they formed miniature rock bands in only a half hour.

“What an awesome experience for kids and parents,” stated Rohit Arora, parent and participant. “I’m so glad I was a part of this. The session brought forward really eye-opening personality-type tests, games and mock band exercises. Participants got a chance to make up performances in small ad-hoc groups and get on-stage to perform. That was the highlight of the afternoon!”

“It’s so important for young people, especially in modern times with all of the pressures that kids must face, to see how fun and exciting collaborative efforts can be,” said Majhon Phillips, instructor and seminar organizer. “I’m fortunate enough to belong to an organization that believes in kids, helps all students to see their full potential, and offers programs like this one that helps every child recognize their strengths, gifts and abilities. I look forward to many more events like this one in the future.”

The seminar lasted only an hour and a half, but the students took away information and techniques that can help them with their confidence and future team endeavors for a lifetime.

“Making creative music requires talent and the ability to integrate these talents and personalities to maximize potential and results,” said Kav Randhawa and his daughter Riyaa, who attended the presentation. “This seminar definitely made the most of the opportunity and time.”

“Sometimes I have trouble taking lead, but after going to this session, I feel a lot better about myself,” said Nalin Krishnan, student. “I learned that I can take control of the band. I learned that I can do things independently, but also in the group.”

“Musicians Mobile strives to provide young people not only with the joy and fun of music lessons, but also real life-lessons that can help them thrive in any situation,” said Nate Mueller, creative director at Musicians Mobile. “This is just one of many ways that our students learn to become involved in their community, give back to people in need, and continue to learn about and engage in collaborative efforts – all based around the excitement of music.”

For more information about the seminar, or Musicians Mobile, visit or call (408) 960-1100.

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