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Teacher Spotlight- Colin Wins Big!

Musicians Mobile has extraordinary students. Behind these students are extraordinary families, an extraordinary community, and extraordinary teachers. One such example is Colin Gailey, our June 2013 Teacher Spotlight!

How Colin Got His Start:

Like many students, Colin began playing guitar as a young teenager. Also like many of our students, Colin aspired to be like his musical hero, Joe Satriani. “At fourteen, after watching Satriani, I knew that playing guitar was what I wanted to do with my life. Listening to Satriani encouraged me to always get to that next level,” he says.

This passion led Colin to pursue a Journeyman Certificate in Guitar Performance and Recording Engineering from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. He now not only works as a guitar teacher for Musicians Mobile, but also as a member of reggae/funk band Coastal Sage, a solo recording artist, and an on-call recording session musician, where he has played his signature rock guitar riffs for countless recordings.

Colin Wins Big!

Most recently, Colin was honored as a winner in the Master Satriani competition hosted through Guitar Center. He competed with more than 800 prominent guitar players, and was a part of the final 10 winners, who were handpicked by Joe Satriani himself.

“When I found out that I had won, I think my heart skipped a few beats,” said Colin. “I was elated.”

He was then flown to Hollywood, where he received an Ibanez Joe Satriani guitar, participated in a workshop taught by Joe Satriani and got to hang out and learn from his lifelong hero.

Colin said that the experience of participating in and winning the competition was life changing. “Meeting Joe has inspired me to take music to a whole new level,” Colin said. “He said some very kind things about my playing that will continue to inspire and remind me that I’m doing the right thing to follow my dream.”

Colin encourages students to follow their passions with perseverance. “Any student can accomplish great things with dedication and persistence. Setting a regular practice time and having a goal for each practice is a simple way to ensure that you’re on the path to success.”

For more information on Colin, his story and the Master Satriani competition, check out these sites:

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