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Musicians Mobile Show Ep. 6 Sidart Pradeep

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I started teaching home guitar lessons to Sidart and his brother Pranav when Sidart was eight years old in Cupertino, California.  Along with his family, we shared so many incredible memories of musical performances at our recitals and lessons. I introduced them to learning the guitar, and they introduced me to butter chicken. Neither of us has been the same since! They were a tremendous influence on our school since its inception. I am grateful to have them as friends to this day.  Playing music is one of the best ways to make new friends, and that will serve as a throughline in this episode.

It can be hard to move to a new place in your teen years. When Sidart moved to Austin, Texas as a teenager, he used his guitar skills as a bridge to forming new relationships. He quickly met other musicians at school, and they had a common bond to share. He started a band and became active in his community with music as his anchor point.

Sidart did not start off as a musical prodigy or a student who practiced countless hours. In the beginning, his mother did need to encourage him quite a bit to practice. If my memory serves me correct it wasn’t until after about 3 or 4 years that he reached an inflection point where he truly took ownership of his journey and practice. He started to see that playing an instrument is much more exciting if you do the practice. He started to see the fruits of his labor. Since that point, no one needs to motivate him. By following his curiosities in music and embracing performance opportunities, he tapped into a vast reservoir of motivation to excel.

He has played numerous fundraisers, band performances and met amazing friends along the way with guitar as an instrument for creating lasting connections.

In this episode, we discuss:
✅the myth of the “natural” in music
✅how to overcome doubts as a beginning musician
✅why kids should write their own original music
✅relieving stress through playing an instrument
This episode is full of Sidart’s stories of over 15 years of playing experiences that serve as a road map of what is possible with music.
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