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Musicians Mobile Show Ep. 7 Esha K.

Podcast - Esha - PIllar YT THUMBNAIL

Esha K. started with Musicians Mobile at the age of nine. She developed her skills with voice, guitar, piano, and drums during her time with us. She was a continuous positive force in our shows as she reached for new heights with each passing performance.

She is an artist on the rise, independently releasing music on her label, Ripped Jeans Records.

She is currently pursuing a songwriting diploma at the London Campus of The British and Irish Institute of Modern Music.
In this episode, she shares her stories and tips that helped her succeed on her music path.
Highlights include:
When authenticity can be greater than perfection
The courage to be yourself as an artist and musicians
How she gained stage confidence
Getting over what others think
Strength through vulnerability
A cool Jeff Buckley tribute story
Be sure to tune in for this episode of good vibes and stories.

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