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Musicians Mobile Show Ep. 4 Max Dunn Our vision is to help students develop a lifelong love of playing their instrument filled with treasured, musical moments, and memories. With Max playing the guitar for 12 years now and still fully immersed and enjoying it far after his lessons with us, we are grateful to see him as an embodiment of our … Read more

Musicians Mobile Show Ep. 3 Nalin Krishnan

    Nalin Krishnan was a Musicians Mobile student for many years, starting at around six years old. We have many fond memories of him performing at our recitals and rock band shows singing along to his guitar. He started off playing rock and is now exploring the softer sides of music with his acoustic … Read more

Musicians Mobile Show-Ep.1 Pranav Pradeep Pranav is one of our earliest students taking home music lessons.  I personally had a tremendous time teaching him for the first few years of his journey. I think at this point I may need lessons from him.  – He has really excelled at using music to forge new friendships and to consistently challenge … Read more

Student of The Month-Aug 2020-Finn! Finn has been taking drum lessons with us for several years. We have seen him grow consistently more confident at our rock band shows and drum recitals. We chose Finn as a student of the month for his effort and growth demonstrated on the drums. Congratulations Finn! #drumstudents #studentofthemonth #drumlessons

10 Benefits of Learning the Piano

When most people decide to take up the piano, they do so for a simple reason: they like how the piano sounds and they want to play it. However, in addition to the joy it brings, playing the piano is known to benefit us in a variety of other ways. For this article, we’ve compiled … Read more

Student Of The Month November 2019-Anna

Musicians Mobile has chosen Anna as our “Student of The Month” for November. Her instructor Stephen has seen her consistently showcase an eagerness to learn new things on the guitar and has grown considerably more confident in performing at our shows. Learn how she finds time to practice.

Sam- Student of the Month August 2019

Sam Yang is our student of the month for his growth as a musician, songwriter, and performer. He is an excellent example of what you can accomplish when you consistently practice and stretch your comfort zone as a musician. This video features his original song, “Dear Friend.” We wish Sam the best in his journey … Read more