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Student of the Month Dec ’20-Suhani

Suhani has been chosen as “Student of the Month” for December! With each recital, she is showing more confidence and growth in her vocal talent. Her teacher voice Avi conducts an insightful interview where we learn: -her key to growth as a vocalist -what she enjoys most about her singing lessons -how music lessons have … Read more

Ritik-Student of the Month November 2020

Ritik is our student of the month for November. He has been investing many hours of focused practice into his piano craft. He is showing significant growth in his interpretations of classical music. In this interview, Ritik shares his practice keys to success and why he enjoys playing the piano.

Musicians Mobile Show Ep. 7 Esha K.

Esha K. started with Musicians Mobile at the age of nine. She developed her skills with voice, guitar, piano, and drums during her time with us. She was a continuous positive force in our shows as she reached for new heights with each passing performance. She is an artist on the rise, independently releasing music … Read more

Musicians Mobile Show Ep. 6 Sidart Pradeep

I started teaching home guitar lessons to Sidart and his brother Pranav when Sidart was eight years old in Cupertino, California.  Along with his family, we shared so many incredible memories of musical performances at our recitals and lessons. I introduced them to learning the guitar, and they introduced me to butter chicken. Neither of … Read more

Musicians Mobile Show Ep. 5 feat. Caelin

      Our former music student Caelin shares her musical journey of becoming an artist. Originally from San Jose, California, Caelin is going to college in Austin, Texas, while developing her music career. In this episode, we explore: -the worst song she ever wrote -setting meaningful music goals -story of her experience playing at … Read more

Musicians Mobile Show Ep. 4 Max Dunn Our vision is to help students develop a lifelong love of playing their instrument filled with treasured, musical moments, and memories. With Max playing the guitar for 12 years now and still fully immersed and enjoying it far after his lessons with us, we are grateful to see him as an embodiment of our … Read more