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10 Benefits of Learning the Piano

When most people decide to take up the piano, they do so for a simple reason: they like how the piano sounds and they want to play it. However, in addition to the joy it brings, playing the piano is known to benefit us in a variety of other ways. For this article, we’ve compiled … Read more

How Music Lessons Refine Children’s Discipline

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We live in times when our kids are growing up with smartphones in their hands. 


Technology is the ultimate dopamine injection. This is because regardless of how you participate in the online world, you are being rewarded right away whether it be with likes, views, comments or tags. Growing up in a world where your actions have immediate results can sometimes lead to little or no patience in kids these days. 

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New Year – New Music! Practice Tips for 2014

Musicians Mobile students (and teachers!) are always looking for ways to improve their practice time. Whether it’s making the most out of a shortened session, being able to see progress, or simply focusing, students and teachers alike need pointers to stay motivated in music.

We have scoured our sources to find what we believe are the seven best practice “tips” for our Musicians Mobile community.

Student Activity: Earn a shoutout in our next blog post if you let us know how you applied these tips to your practice! Bonus points if you find the hidden message in this post!

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Music as a Language – A New Way of Considering Music Lessons


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Victor Wooten – Music As a Language

We recently posted a video link on our Facebook page from Victor Wooten and TED-Ed on Music as a Language.

Wooten introduces the video by stating that music is a language, and, just like verbal language, it serves as a sign of expression. It can be read or written, and it can make you laugh or cry. In fact, sometimes music can be better than spoken word, because it doesn’t need to be understood to be effective.

Is it possible to learn music the same way you learned to speak? Absolutely! We just have to change our perceptions…

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